1993, September, 23. The 70th Anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, a Public and Political Man of Azerbaijan.


A printing is offset on chalk-overlay paper with glue. Perforation: 13 (N 200 and N 201) and 12 (N 202). Size of the stamp: 36x40 mm.
N 200 - 25 m. A portrait of Heydar Aliyev. Black and red.
N 201 - 25 m. A map of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
In the inscription on the map there is an error: In the word "Naxcivan" instead of the first letter "N" is printed "H". The stamps 200 and 201 were printed on one sheet being interleaved by vertical numbers forming horizontal links.
Souvenir sheet. Size of the souvenir sheet:110 x 90 mm.
N 202 - 25 m. + 25 m. There are two stamps 200 and 201 in the souvenir sheet but without inscriptions under the drawing. An inscription "Azerbaijan Mail, 1993" were decoratively made out on a green background in the margins of the block. Inscriptions and design are made by gold ink. Multicoloured.
N 202-1 - 25 m. + 25 m. Fig. and color and colour of the souvenir sheet 202. Error in the inscription on the map is corrected in the stamp 201 : instead of "Haxcivan" is printed "Naxcivan". There are up to 25 pairs of the stamps in sheets.
Circulation of the stamps are 25000, 25000 and souvenir sheets: 4000 and 5000.
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