01. 01. 2006. "Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic"

10On the envelope there is the picture of "Nalband" tree which is growing on the territory of Nakhchèvan Autonomous Republic. The age of that tree is about 300 years old, the height is 20 metre. Circulation 16000. More…

14.01.2000 14.The stamped postcard. The 10th Anniversary of the January tragedy

On the card: The episode of the funeral of the shehids, the soldiers of Soviet Army perpetrated the tragedy and bloody carnations are pictured on the card. More…


N 9.On the envelope:
Artwork: Kh.Mirzoyev More…


N 8.On the envelope:
Artwork: Kh.Mirzoyev More…

22.06.2001 The January tragedy

N 7.On the envelope: Pictured Shahidlar Xiyabani (the Alley of the shehids) and red carnations. Devoted to the Bloody tragedy dated on the 20th January 1990. Baku city More…

13.10.2000 Devoted to the Communication

N 6.On the envelope: Baku city. The picture and the emblem of the building of the Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan Republic.
Artwork: Kh.Mirzoyev. More…

27.04.2000 The 55th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic war.

N 5. On the envelope: The monument of Mehdi Huseynzadeh in Baku - the hero of the Soviet Union More…

14.01.2000 The 125th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Secular Professional Theatre

N 4. On the envelope: The picture of the Azerbaijan National Dramatic Theatre.
Artwork: Kh.Mirzoyev More…

14.01.2000 International year of the elderly

N 3. On the envelope: The old tree - the symbol of the old age.
Artwork: I.Mammadov More…

14.01.2001 The 80th Anniversary of the birth of Zuleyxa Mirhabib gizi Seyid-Mammadova -the first military woman-pilot

N 2. On the envelope: The picture of Z.H. Seyid-Mammadova.
Artwork: I.Mammadov. More…

29.07.1998 The 80th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

N 1.On the envelope: Baku city. In that building held a meeting of the National Council of Azerbaijan Republic. More…

Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic
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"Azerpocht" LLC
The Baku Telecommunication Production Union (BTPU)
Teleradio Production Union
The center of International Relations and Calculations
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Newspaper "Rabita Dunyasy"

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