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Azerbaijan nation has complicated and wealthy development history. However favorable geographical situation and reach natural resources always enticed powerful neighbors of Azerbaijan, and in its turn this laid obstacles to its independence and statehood. During 1813 and 1828 according to the treaties signed between Russia and Iran the territory of South Azerbaijan was added to the territory of Iran. Nevertheless on May 28, 1918 Independent Azerbaijan democratic Republic was declared.
Azerbaijan Republic began to issue post stamps as a sovereign country on October of 1999. During the period was issued 10 art stamps trimmed with 4 art cabalisms. Stamps pictured plots of human labor and activity and architectural monuments. On 28 of May, 1920 Soviet Union overthrew Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and established Soviet authority in Azerbaijan. From December 1920, to April 1921 reprint of ADR pot stamps were issued on grey and white papers. From October 1921 to January 1922, post stamps of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialistic Republic were put into post circulation. These were 15 stamps with different nominal and without perforation, during the period were also additionally issued two charitable post stamps.

From October, 1921 to September, 1923, when post tariffs changed new nominal printed on the above mentioned stamps in different ways. From March 12, 1922 Azerbaijan SSR was joined to Transcaucasia SR and these stamps put into post circulation till the end of 1923.

For post payment was applied post stamps of USSR in the territory of Republic from this period up to 1991. There were issued nearly 60 stamps devoted to outstanding persons, architecture and fauna of Azerbaijan.

Post stamps are one of the attributes of sovereign state and their issue should serve to strengthen statehood and influence of Republic.

After regaining its independence on October 18, 1991, Azerbaijan Republic by means of Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies Azermarka company have been issued post marks with 563 original plot and in 100 subjects, 9 air envelopes and 1 post card since 1992 up to day.
There are 18 employees working in “Azermarka” company.

The head of the company Intigam Baghirli.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic
"Aztelekom" Production Union
"Azerpocht" LLC
The Baku Telecommunication Production Union (BTPU)
Teleradio Production Union
The center of International Relations and Calculations
Information Technology
Newspaper "Rabita Dunyasy"

"Azermarka" Company diploms and medals